Craftswoman / Woodworker

I am a maker of wooden objects and furniture, a spoon carver and a teacher.

In wood I found a form of expression, self-discovery and joy.

Founder of and co-founder of


Barcelona – Gràcia

Courses at the Hausmann and Friends woodworking studio in the central neighborhood of Gràcia.

Montseny – En el bosque

Carving and green woodworking courses in the heart of Montseny. Only an hour away from Barcelona.


Spoon Carving

Learn the techniques to carve wooden spoons with hand tools.

Afilado de Herramientas

Aprende a afilar tus herramientas de Talla de Cucharas. El cuchillo, el vaciador y el hacha.

This is a sample of my work:

Things for sale

Spoons and other hand made objects:


Talla de Cucharas is a personal project that aims to spread and promote the art of spoon carving in the Spanish-speaking world.

In this blog you will find everything about Carving Wooden Spoons with hand tools in Spanish.

Tutorials, articles, videos, books and products.


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